Sunday Class: 8am to 3 pm (including lunch break. Bring $ or bagged lunch)
9 Openings, $13 Each

Earning the Robotics merit badge requires a Scout to understand how robots move (actuators), sense the environment (sensors), and understand what to do (programming); he should demonstrate robot design in building a robot. You should help ensure that the Scout has sufficiently explored the field of robotics to understand what it is about, and to discover whether this may be a field of interest for him as a career.

Materials to bring:

   * Notepad

   * Pencils

   * Robotics Merit BadgeWorksheetwith prerequisites filled out

​   * Robotics Merit Badge book

   * Blue Card signed by Scoutmaster

Class Summary & Prerequisites to be done before Workshop.

Pre-requisites would be :  2a, how are robots used today and best usage.  (Research)
                                        Optional 6a, attend a competition:  a) If you are on a Robotics team and have competed, bring note from your coach.

                                                                                               b) Battle of the Bridge is at Woodbridge Senior High School on December 1st.

                                                                                                   Find Troop 501 Boy Scout Tristin on Woodbridge's Team V and get a selfie with him.
                                        7. Careers in robotics, training needed,experience, w/ class discussion  (Research to discuss)

  R6b  Session will begin with a series of video clips from last year's youth competitions.
          Will discuss 3 youth robotics completions. Fill out worksheet.
  R1a  Safety discussion and video of potential hazards; in Lego, in Vex, in real world.
  R1b.  Read and complete handout on first aid
  R2     Review how robots are used today, what they can do, and best uses.
  R2     Group discussions pros and cons robots vs. human.
  R7     Discuss careers with robotics and training/experience needed.     
  R2b  Video/discussion on difference between remote controlled, telerobot and autonomous robots
            Fill in worksheet, bathroom / snack bar break.
  R2c   Three ways robots can move other than wheels or on a track.- Brainstorm, video, discuss
  R3     Lecture- human robot interface, programming, sensors. How they work and how it integrates Into today's robot build and challenge.
           Review robot challenges. View demo and select a challenge they want to meet.  
           Bathroom/ snack bar break.
   R4    Design and build a simple Lego robot with time sensor, rotation sensor and 1 other sensor.
            Create an arm or appendage to complete task. 
   R 4 opt.1   Continue to modify robot. Create a program for your robot to move forward 6+  inches and return.  

                    Create and record your program for selected challenge.
   R5a/b      Demonstrate your robot in a challenge field.  Record in notebook and share with counselor.
   AT 2:45 stop all work.
   R4e    Discuss what worked, what could have gone better.
   R7      Counselor conference- share materials and discuss 1 job that requires robotics and why it  might interest you.  Blue card signed if tasks completed.  
   Dismissal at 3 pm