Sunday, 1pm - 6pm
10 Openings (Laptops provided)

10 Openings (Bring your own laptop)

$20 Each

Much of Baden-Powell’s vision for Scouting still holds true today. But put this one in the category of something B-P never could have predicted.

The Boy Scouts of America's Programming merit badge is an elective badge that challenges Scouts to, among other requirements, “write, debug, and demonstrate a functioning program.” Programming MB continues in the BSA’s long tradition of preparing young men for modern-day careers.

Materials to bring:

   * Notepad

   * Pencils

   * Programming Merit BadgeWorksheetwith prerequisites filled out

   * Programming Merit Badge book

   * Blue Card, signed by your Troop's Scoutmaster

Summary & Prerequisites:

​1a. Bring your up to date CyberChip card to class.

1b. Do research ahead of time.  Will be discussed in class.

2a.  Research the following and be prepared to discuss.

       I.) Alan Turing, the father of Computer Science and the creator of

                               the Turing Machine
       II.) The creation of the first personal computer
       III.) The creation of modern languages.

2b. Research the following and be prepared to discuss

      I.) The shift from punch-card programming to software programming
      II.) The different types of languages that have developed, and why

           they have become increasingly higher-level.
      III.) The different types of programming languages (Scripting,

             Programming, Database,  Website Design, etc), and how they


3. Read appropriate sections in your Merit Badge book.

    This will be discussed in class.

​4. Research ahead of time and be prepared to discuss

​5. Projects will be done in class on laptops

​6. Research ahead of time and be prepared to discuss.