TWO DAYS:  Saturday, 1pm - 5pm

                    Sunday, 10am to noon 
20 Openings (Laptops provided)
$20 Each

Computer or traditional animation tasks that will test a Scout’s creativity, artistic skills, and storytelling abilities.

Materials to bring:
   * Notepad
   * Pencils
   * Animation 
Merit Badge Worksheet with prerequisites filled out
   * Animation Merit Badge book
   * Blue Card, signed by your Troop's Scoutmaster

Summary & Prerequisites:
​1.  Research a head of time. Will be discussed in class.

2.  Research a head of time and be prepared to discuss.
3.  This is our Sunday class time.

     You've learned what is to be an animator, now become one.

     Project one: A simple bouncing ball and stick figure walking.

     Project two: We are going to step it up and do a Tie Fighter or Jedi

                       Star Fighter animation!
​4. We are going to do a video tour of ..... LucasArts and go behind the 

    scenes to see how Star Wars the Clone Wars was animated.
​5. Research ahead of time and be prepared to discuss.