Costume Contests!

Do you think that you have the best Boba Fett costume? How about your family is the most awesome group of Mandolorian Mercs that anyone has ever seen? Have your spent months on a Steampunk Vader costume or Star Wars/Avengers mash up?

Then this is the place for you!!!

Saturday Individual Costume Contest starts at 4 pm

Prizes Awarded to 

A) Best Star Wars Mash-up

B) Second and Third Place Best Star Wars costume

C) Best Overall Star Wars Themed costume

Sunday Group Costume Contest starts at 4pm

Prizes Awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall Star Wars themed group costumes

All prizes will be awarded based on, quality, and bonus points of course for being in the proper character.

We are excited to welcomeStudioCosplayComicWow! and Jullian Reilly to our judging panel!

Costumes must follow the Cosplay and Weapon rules as defined within the Policies portion of this site.

As this is a family event, costumes must be PG in nature.

Check back soon for rules and sign-up information.

Costume Judges:

​Jillian Reilly

RIchard Ankney

Stefanie Hackenberg

NOTE: If you are interested in sponsoring any of the costume prizes above, please contact 

​Over the past few years Jillian Ryan has been a guest at conventions as a cosplay contest judge as well as a positivity panelist. She introduces people into cosplay by balancing life/money and creating, and discusses anti-bullying and body shaming in the cosplay community. She has been in the hobby for 10 years and wants to spread the good cosplay can do for people mentally and physically. Jillian is also an editor for a 2-person cosplay photography page, Reid Cosplay Photography.
Jillian is also the Guild President of Extra Life in Richmond VA, a charity that benefits Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by hosting a 24 hour board game/video game marathon. She travels to comic cons and anime cons around the east coast getting awesome gamers to pledge to game till their brains fall out for kids!

Richard "Big Rick" Ankney AKA Tiny, AKA Grape Ape.  A Lifelong Comic lover, 20 year retired Navy Corpsman has found passion in retirement as a Cosplay Photographer and interviewer for ComicWow!. Providing fun pictures of Cons, and Geekculture where ever it can be found.

"Stefanie Hackenberg has been cosplaying since 1998, and has been featured on prominent media outlets such as CNN and io9. She is a Studio Cosplay Founder with experience in multiple media such as thermoplastics, leatherwork, wood, found objects and other materials. When Stefanie is not role-playing someone else she is a Reiki Master-certified energy therapist, Certified Wine Professional, avid video gamer, and a proud all-around nerd.".

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