Welcome to our Children's Area!!

Star Wars fans come in all shapes and sizes, but there is nothing better than Star Wars and kids! (Aren't we all kids at heart though?)

Come join the Galactic Academy and enjoy the fun filled kids activities.

We have three different children's areas right now.

Troop 501's Children's Area

We'll have Star Wars reading hours, temporary tattoos, drawing and coloring activity sheets going at all times

Pick up your Droid Hunt Scavenger sheet and see if you can find all of the droids that you are looking for around the show.

Every hour, we will have a different craft project including

  • Build Your Own Lightsabers
  • Build Your Own Mandalorian Armor
  • Build Your Own Droid
  • Star Wars Starfigher Origami
  • And more....

​Join us at 1pm daily for our Children's Parade and we'll have a Children's Costume Contest each day at 3 pm.

The Art Way Alliance Workshop Area

Artway Alliance has a series of great workshops for both days.

Learn about Animation, Inking, Cartooning, Visual Special effects and more.

Check out their program page for all of the details.


And of course, it would not be a proper children's area if we didn't hold aJedi Training Academy!!
    Padawans and younglings can come learn lightsaber skills at the hands of a master Jedi!
    If you do well, you will receive your very own certificate of completion, but beware.....
    you never know when the Dark Side may appear!  Are you prepared to face it down
    with your Jedi skills?

If you are have an idea for a children's activity or are an artist, crafter or business that would like to host an activity, please contact us at Scoutmaster501@gmail.com.  We would love to hear from you!!!