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Jedi Training Academy

Padawans and younglings can come learn lightsaber skills at the hands of a master Jedi!

If you do well, you will receive your very own certificate of completion, but beware.....

you never know when the Dark Side may appear!  Are you prepared to face it down

with your Jedi skills?

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game

Come battle other players in an open space ship melee.

Each player starts with one low level ship. Points are gained by destroying your opponents. (If you lose your ship, another low level ship shall be provided to you.)

The player with the most points at the end of the round will win a small prize and the right to claim the title of Victor!

Boy Scout Blast Car Demonstration

You've all heard of Pinewood Derbies.

Now imagine taking a pinewood derby car, make it larger and add a CO2rocket to it!

That is Boy Scout Blast Cars!

Boy Scout Troop 501 will run a series of races with their blast cars for all to enjoy!

Come see 

Come see something truly from out of this world with exhibits and activities from NASA Goddard