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The Big Score: The Soundtrack of Science Fiction (solo presentation from Tee Morris)

We always know when Darth Vader is on the way, when James Bond is coming to the rescue, or when you’re entering the city limits of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Music forms an integral part of television and cinema, yet is rarely examined or celebrated. Or are there fans out there that collect soundtracks as some collect cards and comics? What is some of the best music from the genre? Where did soundtracks begin, and where are they headed musically?

Slightly Off-Key: Good Music in Terrible Movies (Nick Kelly and Tee Morris) 

As Tee Morris took us through a history of music in film and video games in THE BIG SCORE, this presentation reaches into the darkest corners of entertainment to bring into the light terrific soundtracks that appear in some cinematic clunkers. Alongside author and horror film critic Nick Kelly, this presentation features incredible musical journeys providing backdrops to cringeworthy productions.